Easadeck Advanced EAS Emergency Alert Appliance

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Enhanced EAS system box and server system consists of a legacy with all legacy features and settings and same codes ever used as well as custom same code programmable capable EAS box and server system with the latest features that have been proposed are propose or will be added shortly. In addition a side server feature would allow the public to create or cancel alerts on a special legacy channel using a server with legacy emulation using the legacy open standard or the new standard using the legacy server or updated emulation for the new standard containing all both legacy and new features with appropriate selector menu that allows all features both legacy and new. The zczc start of message would be added to all cap messages and year and station or added to end of message to insure the correct absolute date time to reduce the need for censorship of playing EAS same codes in media and identify the originating source so one knows where the message originated from. Then a code would be added as and if necessary then end of message nes followed by optional check sum and list identifier. TTY and USB Ethernet and media ports would be added to the back of unit. For the am fm wxr radios and workstation server box there if needed instead of a pc. for the pc or rack workstation am fm unit. If possible the EAS box would use a browser based page instead of a download based page instead of a software download that contains the settings program for any Linux or Windows PC if necessary and the am fm wxr radio and workstation server use a program in open source web browser and operating system. In addition the keyboard screen if a tty port was added could output a composite vidio to a screen as well as the screen display in the unit itself of the message from the EAS box if needed

One improvement would be to integrate a keyboard and screen card printer into the am fm wxr radio workstation server box or even integrate the eas box in with the am fm wxr radio workstation server box on the rack. The cap eas message would be sent via microphone or voice systhysys tech as well as eas same code message and cap messages via the network. A web site for the EAS cap main so that the listings would be accessible to the public. In the form of an xml document or atom document.

For the public part a separate cap EAS main server would be set up for public access of alerts from the EAS cap authorities feed the public feed would be designed to allow creating or canceling alerts but public alert creation or cancelations would not go to the EAS cap authorities feed unless verified as truthful by authorities Upon request by originator requesting authentication and broadcast on the authorities feed if found accurate.


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