Dog-Leg-Like Car Jack

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A dog can lift its hind leg just by thought.

Cars will now have the same ability to lift any or all the wheels off the ground with just the push of a button.

Should you have a flat tire, you no longer need to drag the jack from the trunk. You have the command at your fingertip to raise any or all wheels ready to change the tire with ease.

When flat tires happen a user interface inside the vehicle activates a jack for any of the four wheel selected. A telescoping mechanism near designated wheel rotates downward.

The telescoping mechanism pushes downward toward the ground surface until it makes contact and continues pushing until the designated corner of the car is raised whereupon changing the tire is easier.

The dog-like jack would be built into the car during production making it not just easier to replace a flat tire but for mechanics to service the underside of the vehicle without having to tow it to a garage.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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