Mixing Apparatus

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Too often during the puttying process one has to climb a 10' ladder with the putty bucket or the competition putty board/pan in one hand and the putty knife in the other, only to find that while on top of said ladder, you need both hands free to perform another task. Well, the only way to do that today is to climb back down the ladder to put away the knife and bucket/pan and climb back up the ladder. This can be frustrating and is not very efficient. With my design the putty board contained allowing the user to perform this secondary task while on the ladder.

This device i.e. mixing board is ideally suited for the construction industry, whether you are a professional or DIY. This revolutionary design is cheap to manufacture, ergonomic in design, light weight, easy to store in a tool box, easy to clean, can lay flat on flat surface while carrying a load in the working position, has 360 degrees of rotation and boasts hand free capability.


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    Nalian Crawford
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    Well, I was inspired when I decided to install a pantry in my kitchen. Without any construction or home renovation experience, I decided to embark on a journey to install a panty. While applying the putty to the drywall, I realized that I needed a mixing surface on which to knead the putty during this process. I created a working prototype of a mixing board that I used for my DIY project, and I must say that for me it worked like a charm. I was excited about the success of the prototype, and that further inspired me to create a revision #2, which boasted a few engineering changes based on lessons learned from the original design. Revision #2 was further optimized to create the final design herein. After completing my final prototype model and CAD, I decided to patent my design, and it was during my research of prior arts that I realized that this sort of device already existed. I was disappointed at first, but I did not let that deter me from pursuing my design dream, as I strongly believe that my design idea is revolutionary and contains features that are unique in many ways, which will allow it to far outperform the competition in the field.
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