Low Cost Smart Glove for Health Monitoring

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Problem Statement:

  • Elder people, pregnant women, and children with a heart problem should periodically monitor their health.
  • Due to COVID-19, they are unable to go outside and monitor their health condition.
  • This may also require huge sum of money.
  • Some people in rural areas don’t have any proper bus facilities to go to hospital for periodical testing.
  • Components used: arduino (esp 8266 but we used UNO for offline mode since ESP266 also ready with us),OLED,flex sensor, buzzer, pulse oximeter(max30100),RTC module, resistors, connecting wires and at software side "thinkspeak" (Iot)

Proposed Solution:

  • The proposed idea is to develop hand glove which is used to measure oxygen level and heart beat in a non-invasive manner.
  • The hand glove will be connected to the IoT platform which helps doctors to monitor the patient regularly without any physical contact.
  • The smart watch which are already available in market to measure the parameters are highly expensive which can be replaced by this simple hand glove embedded with low cost sensors.

Technology used:

  • The hand glove which, equipped with sensors are respectively connected to the controller which can detect the oxygen level and heart beat
  • The IoT platform is used to intract between patient and doctors

Future scope:

  • It would be uses as a medicine reminder, so that the patient never forgets  to take medicine (tablet) on time.
  • It reduces the time that we spend for regular check up.
  • It would be used as a self monitoring gadget, from which we could note regular graphical data or day to day improvement from injury or bone fracture.



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