"Kind Nanny" - this project was created for smart cities and public places to help easily find lost children! Babysitting not only helps find children, she advertises and pets that are lost or left to the mercy of fate!

1) Figure shows rotary motion of a special merry-go-round with propeller on frame F1 where the centrifugal force due to machine motion tends to be balanced by active centripetal force depending on length of horizontal part of the mounting frame and plurarity of double cone wheels on

Our project will provide an optimum solution to this drawback.

A crash sensor can be used as a crash or rollover detector of the vehicle during and after a crash and we used a fire detection sensor for detecting fire accident.

SOLUTION: it’s connecting disabled people with able-bodied people in a fun / socialable way/it’s also helping removing inferiority complex in disabled people/ promoting equality among people of different disabilities/ abilities
• it facilitate quick/ instant conversion /animation of signs/ scenes / actions into another form of gestural/ sign

Communication plays an important role in everyday life. We as human beings tend to communicate our needs to one another.

My new and innovative subject which will surely be used in the future is "Antennie." This project is in the sections "Electronics, Sensors, IoT" and "Consumer Product Design" (in my opinion). Why is it called that? Now I will explain to you.

Anti-pinch technology is a safety system that is present in power windows of modern vehicles. The power window is the window that uses an electric motor to operate. As the name anti-pinch suggests, this window prevents the accidental winding up of the power window.


Vessel collisions at sea are threats to life and property. During the 10-year period 2011-2021, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) reports 1,494 incidents were classified as "very serious marine casualties," meaning a total loss of a ship, a death, or severe damage to the environment.

I am working on developing biodegradable environmental sensors from RFID-based technology. These sensors can be deployed in an area where they will expand to full size and be able to measure certain environmental parameters.

In particular,

Waves have been over-simplified as sinusoidal in physics since Newton and in mathematics since Euler, but even ripples on water diminish in wavelength gradually but indefinitely. Resonance in an "imperfect oscillator" with changing natural frequency conversely requires successive wave cycles with periods changing at the same rate.

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