Wireless Electronic Mouse

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SOLVE: disconnect/connecting mouse cable time & gain [unplug your USB cable or USB receiver] hassling with USB port, wait for 1-3 minutes, reset USB mouse ports through disabling & re-enabling the wired/cabled USB controller

WIRELESS ELECTRICAL MOUSE: Flexibility, Convenience, Comfort, Portability, Reliability, Aesthetics, Versatility

MOUSE IMPROVEMENTS: sticking-free: auto-dust blower, dust/dirty-cover: fully-insulated parts, sleep /standby/auto switch-off mode when not being used, multi-functional wireless mouse: eg optionally you can connect a “Bluetooth mouse” small tool

  • Automate tedious tasks: it eases out quickly when sticking while clicking
  • Prevent or reduce injuries: it alarms if danger is detected
  • Improve public safety and security: fault/danger trackers
  • Expanded Market: highly marketable to many computer brands/ clients/
  • it’s customizable wireless mouse : [set-speed ]fast when using it with the computer
  • Customizable Wireless Mouse: [set it] fast, average, slow [speed settings] can be used on all computers [universal sensor for all computer brands] 

This idea can be used on auto quality WIRELESS SMART MOUSE/ electrical game mouse/electrical remote control.

MARKET POTENTIAL: all computer brands on the market

  • Wireless networks operate using Radio Frequency (RF) technology
  • MANUFACTURING: [material: ABS polymers], Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) / [wireless Internet of Things (IoT): has low-cost]
  • HOW WIRELESS MOUSE WORKS : uses radio frequencies (RF) to send signals from the mouse to the computer
  • Improve quality of life: it makes life easier eg portable, lightweight, sustainable, re-usable, low-cost, customizable [speed: fast, average, slow], different types of colors: black/blue/ grey, white etc,


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