Public Safety Weapon Control System

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In order to control the use of weapons in a neighborhood, school, business or event, this system would utilize a dual camera design from the same lens. One, a microbolometer would take an IR image and the other a standard CCTV image. The computer would use pattern recognition to find the shape of a gun, knife or other weapon. It would superimpose the image of the weapon on the CCTV image to show the operator the person carrying the weapon, the type of weapon and the location of the weapon on the person. Police and/or permitted carriers could carry and RFID chip that would tell the system they are legitimate carriers. These would still show up on the system but would be flagged green. All weapons not carried by a legitmate source could then be directly wealth with by law enforcement. Mounted on a police car, handheld or permanently mounted at a location, it could scan people walking on a sidewalk, going into a venue or people walking into a public area. Because the IR image is NOT available to the user, but only the weapon image, personal privacy is maintained.


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