Parental Weather Companion

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Objective and Purpose:
Parental Weather Companion, a.k.a Parents' Weather Companion, is a unique mobile iOS app that is available in almost all form factors to be installed and used on either an iOS Mobile Phone or an iPad.

If you are in a rush, head straight to Apple App Store and search for "Parental Weather Companion," install it on your iOS Device (either iPhone or iPad or both), and start using my app right away.

Or clicking on this link will take you to the app page: Parental Weather Companion on the App Store (

You can read about features of this app further below.

Unique Features:
My iOS app is unique as it announces weather in a current location automatically, hence, it is handy and helpful to take care of kids and/or pets based on the current weather at your current location.

This iOS app's full focus is to provide weather alerts based on your present location, thereby very useful while you are on a road trip, trekking or a walk. It's useful because you can listen to the weather condition on your vehicle's speaker, automatically! [No need to ask Siri, every time, for the weather.]

Another key feature is:
Parental Weather Companion can provide weather reports in any part of the world and so it already has hundreds of users from around 60 countries Worldwide.

Cost of my iOS app: $0
Yes! Its FREE!!. Its free to download and use on your Apple device.

Special Features:
Voice/Siri activated launch, can be connected to your vehicle, so it automatically announces weather changes in your automobile's speaker, hands free!, Driving Mode. Switch to one of the many Apple provided voices as you like, and hear your weather report in the voice of your choice.

Instructions for Use:
To use Parents'/Parental Weather Companion, all you need to do is: install it on your device from App Store. No registration necessary as no data is collected. Just Pure Weather Report.

Note: After installing the app using the App Store button to your left, take a moment to read the About Tab contents entirely to fully benefit from this app, only then you will know how to utilize its features. To start, read the Operating Guide/App Manual(Buttons, Switches, and Options) Section.


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