Power Generating Mousepad

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Wireless power generating computer mouse and mousepad used to harvest mouse movement using a triboelectric nanogenerator. The power produced by the mouse motion on the mousepad is used to power the mouse.

Power generating mousepad and wireless mouse that are self-powered using triboelectrification. The sliding motion of the computer mouse on the mousepad generates electricity through electrostatic induction using a triboelectric generator (TENG). The power generated by the motion of the mouse is stored in the mouse to power it's functions.

Triboelectric generators are thin nanogenerators that convert mechanical agitation into a usable electrical signal through triboelectrification. Triboelectrification is a process where two originally uncharged bodies become electrically charged when brought into contact and then separated.

This product is unique to itself and has not been created before. A power generating mousepad would be sold to gamers and computer users who have a desk or table that they use. This product could be manufactured by computer companies as a computer accessory.


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