A Low to High Energy Signal Converter

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1) Figure shows rotary motion of a special merry-go-round with propeller on frame F1 where the centrifugal force due to machine motion tends to be balanced by active centripetal force depending on length of horizontal part of the mounting frame and plurarity of double cone wheels on inclined v shaped tracts where F1 tends to slide downwards and forwards towards axis of rotation CL.

2) Active centripetal force needs to be further increased with pressure from interconnected hydraulic pistons, rocket thrusters etc. acting along line Z parallel to plane of inclined v shaped tracts so that propeller on frame F1 tends to move in a curved path but in a straight line relative to an external observer with the curvature proportional to the corresponding decrease in radius and the increase in speed of the rotary motion.

3) An observer tends to be in non_accelerated motion in Frame1 but not relative to a person at rest outside so that energy of electromagnetic wave passing through the barrier may be increased in keeping with constancy of the speed of light in vacuum. This may in the long run be one of the subjects of experimentation for use in devices such as brain machine interface, detector of gravitational waves etc.


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    Gautam Narayan Baruah
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