FAIT - Farming using AI Technology

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Providing food is the most divine job one can do, but it comes with challenges. Nowadays, agriculture is becoming an inconsistent field; farmers have to struggle to regain their investment, forgoing their profits. A farmer in day-to-day life faces many challenges; while some are above human power, like natural calamities and fire accidents, most are solvable. One such is plant disease. Plant diseases are seasonal. Whenever there is an attack, it affects a single farm or farmer and the whole community, which propagates to the production cycle and the supply chain.

Periodic diagnosis and timely remediation measures can save farmers, their efforts & investments, and most importantly, ensure the yield. Even during this digital era, we still see farmers deploying manual methods for inspections and diagnosis, which proves to be inefficient.

This situation necessitates a foolproof and efficient diagnosis system that can automatically run inspections and identify outbreaks at early stages. In an attempt to address this issue, we propose an autonomous bot that effectively monitors the health of the crops and identifies issues faster, even zero-day attacks. The rover-mounted leaf disease detection system runs through the produce at set intervals and checks for any abnormal patterns in the leaves prospectively caused by plant diseases. If found, the AI engine identifies the nature of the attack and notifies the farmer appropriately.

It also provides proposed remedial measures to stop the disease spread. As a benefactor to farmers, the system helps farmers prevent losses, safeguard their yield, and improve profits. This also protects the supply chain, keeps the commodity prices stable, and contributes to the economy.


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