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The interface like "Caps lock" should be provided to copy the text whatever I was writing now onwards by keeping that interface in high mode until I make that interface low.

Now the content to be pasted gets copied to the software now use "ctrl v" or pasted opt to paste wherever needed. 

Take a scenario (writing code for a particular problem statement... or writing an article) where you already knows that whatever I am writing now it is going to be used many times further......

Now before going to write that sentence or anything else make that interface high.. and further keep interface low once not needed.

Use the paste feature or ctrl v to paste wherever you needed.

In normal way of copying there is a need of taking the cursor to the required location and holding (moving through the sentence) then right click to select text and finally make use of "ctrl c" button or "copy" button.

Since this normal way of copying method takes time..... by using the above mentioned embedded interfacing feature we can overcome that problem and reduce the time in copying the content and utilize the time for other works.



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    Prajwal Kodihalli
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    As the time is very important for everyone, sometimes when we know what to type repeatedly this time consuming method of copy paste can be minimized and demonstrated in detail in my idea of copy paste.
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    Keil, Proteus
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