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Over the last few years, online education has advanced rapidly. During the pandemic, almost all educational institutions have been forced to transition to an online education form. Colleges started taking classes and tests online, for courses in all fields. The COVID-19 Pandemic also affected entrance exams and the hiring process, which filters students by taking a written test. So we the student group from India (Bangalore) came up with an idea to monitor these online tests by designing a hardware component that captures the overall view of the environment of the person who is taking the test and makes it authentic for the exam taker and preventing any kind of malpractice and cheating.

How does Our design work?
Our Exam proctoring system is the most advanced remote proctoring system. We use a headset that is mounted with a 360° view camera system (by blending two wide-angle cameras placed at different elevations) to gain a complete view of the testing space avoiding almost all the Blind spots. It utilizes both software and hardware, including a headset that captures a complete 360° view of a testing space to let proctors see and hear it all. We have applied the Machine learning & Deep learning models to track eyeballs and report if the candidate is looking left, right, or up. Make logs of window events whenever the user changes the tab or opens a new tab. Detection of more than one person in the exam and additional electronic devices other than permitted once. Audio & visuals are recorded and processed locally (even with the presence of very low internet) if there is any suspicious activity it will be sent to the server. Thus ensuring the exam taker's complete proctoring and avoiding any suspicious activities.

How is our idea novel & an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
The currently available alternative doesn’t employ local processing of video and audio feed because it directly transmits the data to a remote proctor and the presence of Blind spots in the available online proctoring system makes it less efficient and effective. The improvement in our model is to preprocess data locally and send only the part the algorithm finds suspicious. Also, the idea to come up with a device sensing electronic gadgets has been never tried before. Adoption of our proctoring system in online exams brings credibility to the whole activity. For the exam conducting authority the cost of hiring proctors would comedown, as our product minimizes the number of proctors required.

What is the market potential?
This product if manufactured at the right cost and can be used in all online examinations thus reducing the cost incurred on examination in the form of traveling to the exam destination and accommodation. This would greatly reduce the cost of hiring the examiner to proctor the exam. One of the marketability strategies is to rent the system for the exam taker thereby making it cost-efficient for the users.


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    Sudeep Kulkarni
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    Sudeep Kulkarni, B.E graduate at MSRIT Bangalore, Karnataka India.
    Punith Hegde, B.E graduate at MSRIT Bangalore, Karnataka India.
    Shreyas J, B.E graduate at MSRIT Bangalore, Karnataka India.
    Vikas Kuri, B.E graduate at MSRIT Bangalore, Karnataka India.
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    Online Examinations should be properly regulated to prevent any kind of malpractice but the currently available products in the marketplace have got some drawbacks. So we came up with an efficient and effective working model called "Exam proctoring 360' "
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