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A device for the blind

Every day people meet different people, see different things, go to different places. In our life, we receive various information with the help of our eyes and make decisions based on them. But there are blind people among us. They receive the information that we receive with the help of our eyes through other sensory organs, mainly through their ears. If the ears of a blind person cannot hear, it will be more difficult for them. 2021 has seen the official launch of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness’s Vision Atlas – a compilation of the very latest eye health data. The report reveals that globally there are 43 million people living with blindness.

A camera for the blind is a device that helps blind people recognize objects. The camera on the device detects who or what the object is and tells the user or vibrates it. For example, if the person who comes to a blind person is his sister, the device will tell him the name of his sister with the help of an earphone and he will be able to know that he has come to him. The device will have a camera, a place for headphones, a vibrator, a speaker, microphones and several buttons.

Its use is as follows:

  • The button to enter a new object is clicked
  • The camera is aimed at the object to be inserted
  • warns that the device has detached an object
  • the record button is pressed
  • enter information about the object (for example: "My sister Anna") 
  • for people who can't hear
  • one of the given vibration types is selected the next time sister Anna comes, she will hear the sound "Sister Anna" and the specified vibration will be given.

This completes the insertion of the object into the device. Inserting a new object is done in the same way.

Of course, at first, information is entered into this device with the help of a relative, then the blind person can perform these actions himself.

This device can help blind people every step of the way. Using the device, the user:

  • who the person in front of him is ("mother", "sister"...)
  • what kind of obstacle appeared ("door", "table", "chair” ...)?
  • what kind of building is in front of it ("my house", "mini market" ...)?
  • what is the opposite object ("our car", "my dog" ...)?
  • identifying the rooms inside the house ("kitchen", "bedroom" ...) can recognize many objects such as. As above, the user can enter other types of objects that he needs.

For blind people, this device will have the necessary information such as how to move around their home, find a family car on the street, identify service facilities, which person they are talking to.

I am currently working on this project. I have achieved results in creating the desired vibration by introducing objects to the device.


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