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My new and innovative subject which will surely be used in the future is "Antennie." This project is in the sections "Electronics, Sensors, IoT" and "Consumer Product Design" (in my opinion). Why is it called that? Now I will explain to you. I came up with this name for because it is connected with her main work. Let me give you an example. If you are on a trip, and if you, God forbid, you are lost at all, and if you are afraid that no one will come for you, and if there is no antenna in this place, this equipment will help you one hundred percent, since it can catch from any place, it doesn't matter from the island or from some country, she will still catch the antenna for you and you can call.

My equipment has a very small antenna, which appears when you press the button from the top, but its signals can reach the satellite itself, which is in space. It also has a very beautiful color that many people may like, the upper part is gray and the lower part is dark brown. Its name is written on the top and inside and there are two buttons inside, one to find the antenna the other to call for help any locality that is responsible for this and which will come to you and find you very quickly. Also about the view, it is not so big that it allows you to carry it with you every time. Charging takes only an hour and can stand for a whole week if you use it often. if it is not used so often, then it can last for a month, and most importantly it’s not so easy to break; that is, if you suddenly sit on it, then nothing will happen. It’s also elastic, that is, if you turn its screen over, it will not break. When you open your equipment, the program will first greet you, ask you what needs to be done, and then do what you need. The screen is also touch-sensitive, which makes it even more convenient. I'm sure it can help people a lot.

Also at the very end, as I said above, you seem to have already understood why it is called that, Antenna is where I got the name from, I just transformed it into a beautiful name that resembles a female name.


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