SD-Secure Wireless Virtual Private Network (SD-SWVPN)

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First to IOT market, with secured Wireless Neural Network (WNN).

Software Defined-Secure Wireless Virtual Private Network (SD-SWVPN).
Secure Wireless Sensor/SCADA reliability and thruput.
Secure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition VPN for IOT Networking.

Provides people, computers, LANs, and IOT devices with on-demand wireless bus connectivity and secured connectivity for the first time.

Provides distributed Edge Computer SCADA Platform for secure connectivity over ZTN and private infrastructure elements.

Market Gap
The Internet, the Public Access technologies, and Zero Trust Network (ZTN) connectivity cannot secure transmission nor protect high-value information from unauthorized use.

IOT users and devices need connectivity. Spies, hackers, crackers, pirates, and thieves use IoT to breach, block, steal, and use data without authorization.

Wireless IT/IOT versus Wireless sensor and SCADA
The Wireless IT/IOT sector is a growing $60 billion device market that relies on connectivity. The wireless sensor and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) markets are a $40 billion dollar market near IOT. Operators currently focus on wireless sensors and SCADA in the Military, automation, Power, NASA, and satellite sectors for capacity management and connectivity reliability

Bringing wireless technology and SCADA to IOT for the first time
GNU Skybus is the first multipoint-to-multipoint, ad-hock kinematic* wireless mesh platform with secured BUS connectivity, enabling both edge computing and distributed processing via AI/ML and GNU Programming algorithms.


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