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Holohop is a fully functional rear windscreen whipper with a 3D holographic projector display fan attached. When in use, it displays bright caution signs and signals for easier communication to on coming traffic where there is low visibility due to bad weather like fog, rain, and darkness.

It is easy to integrate with existing rear screen whippers because it is low cost and low energy as it adds an additional function to the humble whipper.

The “3D Hologram Rear Windscreen Whipper” integrates Holographic LED Projector technology into the rear windshield wiper.

Every year, fifty percent of accidents occur because of limited visibility due to fog or rain. When cars break down in fog or rain, an ordinary roadblock or C-Caution is not enough because it is not sufficiently visible and depends on reflecting lights.

The wiper is fitted with a 3D hologram fan projector that rotates at the rear of the car. As the LED flashes, a warning text, such as “Caution, Slow Down” is displayed to alert approaching drivers of the roadside breakdown and avoid further accidents in fog or rain.


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    Okpamen Obasogie
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    1. Obasogie Okpamen,(Lexus Design Awardee 2022)

    2. Funferekeniye Koroye(Tech Visa Ambassador)
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    Autodesk Fusion 360
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