EMEC Power Pack

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It is a fact that in today’s world people are more frequently shifting their focus to battery-based appliances. As we all know, the battery life is limited, thus creating many problems in everyday life. Understanding the importance, we are now trying to implement a new type of charging system which converts electromagnetic (EM) waves into electricity. We use a combination of LC oscillator and Rectenna. LC oscillator is used to circulate current inside the circuit which is being used for trapping the EM waves.

This circuit will be built-in with battery and will work 24X7, with a small input in LC oscillator. We can start and maintain the oscillation where EM waves are collected by the Rectenna which will be converted into electricity . This continuous oscillation will help us to gain maximum efficiency.

The average efficiency of this system is 72.34% as we are using LC oscillator which supports Rectenna to converts more EM waves to electricity. This system will also have a cooling system as the LC circuit works continuously which can produce heat. The electromagnetic rectifier is to filter all the unnecessary waves which is less than the required Frequency and this can also handle many ranges of EM waves which will help us to recharge the battery much faster and also efficiently. This continuous process increases the life of the battery. And in the future, it can be also used in electric cars, aircraft, trains, Metro, etc.


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