Multifunctional Soil Testing Device (MFSTD)

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A multifunctional soil testing device is used to increase the yield of agricultural goods. By analyzing the soil's subsistence, this device assists in reducing the amount of fertilizer used while increasing the yield of highly nutritious food crops. To recommend a crop for the field based on the mobility of the soil.

By logging into the website with a farmer ID, you can access the data about the minerals that are readily available in the soil that has been uploaded to the cloud. Anywhere you can evaluate the nutritional information received from the agricultural land. To assess data from anywhere, all you need is a mobile phone with an internet connection.

The evolution of staple food crops has always been linked to agriculture.

More than 70% of people directly earn their living from agriculture. Farmers typically fertilize the soil at regular times. without any means of determining the soil's nutrient level. This can occasionally result in the abuse of fertilizers and even result in crop damage. The opposite is also conceivable with insufficient fertilizations, as the corps won't receive enough nutrients, leading to a low yield. Therefore, if farmers are aware of the nutritional deficiencies in their soil, they may treat it appropriately, improving production and avoiding crop harm from excessive fertilizer use. Farmers can learn which crops are best for their soil by evaluating the data that has been gathered about it. Using PH values, it is possible to assess the water quality in the soil.



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