Smart Sound Sleeper

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Sleeping eye pads and sleeping band for head that have integrated speakers, microphones, heart rate sensor and 3-axis G sensor.

Speakers could be connected with phone by bluetooth to lookup on your health when you sleep. Speakers have a few different modes:

  • relax music - for sleep
  • relax music - to get sleep, after system understood that you sleep - music should be quiet and totally off
  • alarm mode - start music for soft awake

and ANC mode - integrated microphones lookup for environment and do active noise cancelation to get total silence.
This sleeping pad is combined on itself: smart wristband and headphones with anc.


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    Nikolai Bortnik
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    I have a problem with sleeping and wanna to help people with same problems.
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    own developed app for iOS and Android
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