RFID Attendance System

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The idea is to design an RFID ATTENDANCE SYSTEM for industries, colleges, and schools where a large group of people gather. The need for this device is brought up due its automated effectiveness. The normal attendance system is fully manual and it requires a lot of time to mark the attendance. The organizations needed an effective and automated system which will reduce the time required to mark the attendance and the manual process involved in it.

This system is comprised of a microcontroller which is powered with a 5V adapter to the power supply. Here, the microcontroller is Nodemcu (ESP8266) which commands to its connected devices only when it is connected to WiFi. After connecting the device to a power supply the device will be connected to the WiFi that is assigned by us. If the connection is successful, it will indicate with the buzzer sound by which it says it is ready to read the attendance tags. Now, the system is ready and what we have to do is to place the RF based attendance ID tags where it can read, which is just above the RFID reader. Here, RC522 RFID module is used as an attendance reader, the people can enter into the respective premises using the RFID cards which will be counted as attendance. Once it reads and verifies the tags, it will automatically update the details of the entry of the person who holds the tag read to a Google sheet. It can also show that the number of times a tag is read. Not just that, this attendance system is helpful in analyzing each individual’s activity like the total time duration of the people present in their respective premises, and the time when are they entering and leaving their premises. The time of the stay is calculated by measuring the time in between the entry and exit tag reads.



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