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It sometimes happens that purses, keys, handbags, cosmetic bags fall out of bags, pockets. That is, people lose money and valuable things due to inattention, rush or distraction.

device named “Standardkey”

People will not lose their purse, keys, handbag, or quickly find what they are looking for.
A control panel is delivered with the device.
Since there is a signal sensor in the device, you can quickly find what you have lost. If you click on the control panel, then the device must make a sound signal. According to the sound signal, you can quickly find the desired item.

How it Works:
The sensor-analyzers of air and temperature, and a chip are built into this device.

The chip receives data from sensors about environmental parameters: carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature in the purse, bag, pocket.

Next, the chip calculates the usual, average parameters by statistics formulas.

When the item falls out of the bag, the chip fixes a sharp change in parameters and turns on the sound siren. In pockets, bags are usually stuffy, objects do not need fresh air. If the purse is fast in the fresh air, then the chip fixes a fast decrease in the ambient temperature or a decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide. The owner hears the signal from the purse and checks where the signal comes from. If the purse fell, the owner picks up his purse.

The device should have the control buttons - turned on, off, temperature, and carbon dioxide concentration configuration.

The device should be flat to fit into the purse.

The device has not yet been created and has not been sold anywhere.

for any person who does not want to lose purses, small valuable things.

The shape of the device is similar to the shape of a mobile phone battery.
A device can be produced at the factories that produce parts for mobile phones.

Production Cost: The product is unique.

Market potential:
The price is USD 50.
2 000,000,000 persons * USD 50 =
USD 100,000,000,000 or one hundred Billions US dollars.


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