Photosensitive Sensor

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In the streets of cities, many silent scooters, electric vehicles appeared. Sometimes silent vehicles, including bicycles, move through pedestrian zones. At the same time, there is a risk that these vehicles can be scattered from behind to a pedestrian. Not all pedestrians can hear that some object is following them at a high speed.

A photosensitive sensor.

The sensor will begin to be an alarm if some kind of vehicle moves to the pedestrian from the side or the back.
The pedestrian will look back in time and will be able to give way to this vehicle. The risk of a clash of scooter and a pedestrian in pedestrian zones will decrease.

A photosensitive element in the form of a solar battery is hung on a backpack.

This element constantly takes environmental pictures and analyzes the area of light and darkened areas in the photo. If the darkened area quickly begins to increase, then the sensor signals to the pedestrian that some kind of vehicle is approaching from behind.

The idea is unique, there are no analogues in the market.

The product will be used by pedestrians, fans of Scandinavian walk, residents of cities.
The product will be used in areas or in companies where it is required to increase road safety.

This product can be produced at the factories that produce cameras, video cameras, television equipment.
The sensor includes the following parts:

  • screen
  • photosensitive sensors
  • sound sensor
  • battery
  • chip

There is no similar product in the market. The cost of release can be compared with the production of flashlights, lighting devices.

Market potential
Price = USD 50.
100,000,000 people * USD 50 =
USD 500,000,000.


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