Smartest Way to Rent a Car - Automated

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It's all about renting a car in a smarter way. This idea surfaced due to the problem we faced during our vacation. We leveraging the concept of connected vehicles for our idea, connected vehicle is currently in the market where , the car will have a modem and its connecting to cloud, the OEMs can do a data analytics or know the vehicle health or send software updates. Those vehicles are connected to mobile apps, where you can do a door lock, unlock, start, stop from the mobile app itself.


  • Renting a CAR- A time consuming process
    General process involves a consumer registering himself and walk to the car rental outlet and complete identification process, pay advance and walk to the vehicle area and pass the security check.
  • Configuring the Car for Customer’s Use – Time consuming and frustrating
    After renting a Car, User faces difficulty in connecting to his Mobile phone with the Smart Display Unit in order to view the apps like Maps, contacts, music etc.
  • Renting a Car is not a touchless process
    Current process involves Keys and customer has to walk to outlet to get one. In this pandemic, It will better to have a touchless check out. Sometimes, user forgets to return keys.
  • Monitoring vehicles by the Rental Company is not currently available
    Rental Car cannot monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle and the vehicle health data
  • Loosing Customers
    Frequent argument cases between customer and the rental company after checking out the vehicle on payment on extra miles, damage etc.


  • Renting a CAR- became smarter
    User can download the Car rental App , register himself and Choose Model , Pay advance. On the day of Check out the Company sends the Vehicle Identification Number, License Pate number and the QR CODE. The customer can directly walk to the vehicle area , scan QR code and take the vehicle out.
  • Configuring the Car for Customer’s Use made easier
    As Soon as the User gets the VIN (Vehicle identity number ) , he can make himself as secondary owner through the app, It will automatically connect to the Vehicle smart unit when the mobile is connected to internet and then he could see his profile , maps and contacts
  • Renting a Car is now a touchless process
    It is completely touchless check out
  • Monitoring vehicles by the Rental Company is available through a Portal
    The Rental Car company can check the whereabouts of the vehicle and vehicle health data like miles covered in the Portal
  • Customer trust and satisfaction
    More happy customers due to transparent payment

A user can leverage driverless vehicle(automated) renting in the future where he vehicle can pick up the customer from the location of his choice. The customer will not even have to go for taking the vehicle. QR code can be integrated in the mobile app, through which the user can control the driverless car.



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