Linear Slide Sensor

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Sustainable and Secure Sensor/Actuator

This novel invention is an environmentally friendly improvement to linear slides, sensors, and robotics. This novel actuator could be used in Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Automation, Medical and IoT applications.

The invention is scalable meaning it can be used to safely move large objects and nano applications. Capable of remote operation it can remove humans from dangerous tasks.

The construction materials used can all come from recyclable materials and of course are also recyclable. As a result, there is almost no material waste generated. If used as a linear slide the materials used have been calculated to use 63% less to build helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Currently working to go from 63% to 75%. Lastly the linear slide can be supplied with service access to the balls lengthening the use life of the invention.

The precision of the invention is 100% accurate which is critical in applications like microsurgery or the loading of critical parts in aerospace and military markets. Linear slides in use today do not provide this level of accuracy needed in demanding applications. This invention uses light for its movement and accuracy. The speed and precision are unmatched. Integrating the light source with the mechanical function of reciprocating precision balls allows the balls to serve two functions. The first functionality of the precision balls is for smooth mechanical lubricity without the use of a liquid lubricant. The second functionality of the precision balls is to close the light off emitting through the accurate light holes in the main rod. This unique functionality is the location definition of the traveling vehicle along the rod.

This invention is secure and tamper proof. Software and algorithms as well as internal optical communication make this possible. The user can control the communication of the invention without worry of outside hackers like they would with RF. Additionally, this use of optical light inside the invention gives it fast response speed and great precision.

We have built a linear slide using this technology. Currently the prototype builder can produce 4,000 annually. Other manufactures can produce as many as 100,000 plus units a year.

This novel invention can be applied to many applications. One such potential application is: Electric Vehicle technology this is a game changer for how the sensors can talk to the EV. This would reduce the friction if manufacturer designed the EV to function holistically with the invention. The reduction of friction and wasted energy will help increase the battery life of EV’s.

Collaborative effort with NEMB LLC, STI and several Engineering, Physics and Chemistry students.



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