Invention Regarding Autonomous & Smart Ships

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The technological world of today, progressing toward artificial intelligence and automated processes, calls for smarter ships running with minimum crew or none (autonomous ships), and this trend has even attracted the International Maritime Organization (IMO) into the field, in order to develop and approve the required regulations and standards. Along this movement toward smart and/or autonomous ships, solutions or precautions need to be considered and provided for incidents or cases of distress for such vessels, so that any such cases are immediately addressed or informed to the competent emergency authorities. For instance, a fire breaking out on board a tanker with reduced or zero crew may lead to a major maritime disaster if not addressed and responded to quickly enough.

Such concerns and the classification of incidents in terms of their importance and sensitivity led this company to offer a solution to this issue at the cutting edge of the smart technology. The specialized team of our company has invented a dexterous system regarding artificial intelligence and smart ships, based on the requirements for safety of navigation, and in line with the standards of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). The invention has been patented in the United States, introducing this company as the first in the world to employ this patented technology, exclusive owned by this company, to address this issue.


  • Enjoying approval of US Patent Authority
  • Higher SAR Efficiency and Rescuing More Lives
  • Preserving the Golden Time in Rescue Operations
  • Safeguarding SAR Personnel
  • Saving Costs of SAR Operations
  • Enjoying Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
  • Being Adaptable for Aerial Applications
  • Restoring Confidence in GMDSS
  • Fulfilling IMO Missions
  • Pioneering in GMDSS Integration


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