New Line of Washers for Laundromat

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New line of washers for Laundromats and On Premises laundry.

I have designed a new line of washers that has more features than any other laundry machines in the market.

This line of washers is raising the standard of washing machines design for sustainability. Unique engineering methods and software programs are used to develop an ergonomic, water saving and sustainable washer that is tailormade for the laundry industry. These washers' operators and customers will be empowered and confident in any environment where premium quality is needed and where you can please any customer and user with highest quality of cleanliness. It has low cost bearing seals and uses latest development in timing belts to reach high G force that extracts out a big amount of water that thereby reduce the drying time and saves energy. Many other features allow for water savings and sanitizing programs. It is a very standardized machine where parts are reduced considerably.

The machine line is built for sales worldwide. and will create a lot of jobs for our company even if the machines are made in Thailand to our specifications. It also has the possibility to be manufactured in the USA to create even more jobs.

A temporary instructive brochure is created describing the washer line in detail. Unfortunately I cannot send this brochure to you as it is too large to be attached to this description. Please let me know how I can send you the brochure. The washer line will be present at the international CLEAN show in Atlanta July 30 to Aug 2, 2022.


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    Bengt Bruce
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    I have been in the laundry industry for over 60 years and think I have made something that really make sense for laundry industry. I have designed washers for many companies, but not like I present here
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    3D drafting
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