Using Drones to Deliver Small Things for a Short Distance

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Our drones are designed to deliver small things over a short distance and help to improve sales growth at different supermarket and stores. They do it with an online store. We will have a large online store connected with supermarkets and various shops in the area where buyers order things. We all know that each territory has its own different grocery stores or supermarkets and with our ordinary drones, it is easy to deliver these products to buyers. This will be useful firstly for the seller and ours, too, we will only take a small percentage on the delivery of goods, but this is very little for so much and it will be profitable for sellers and buyers will also not be expensive, I mean the shipping cost.

Here you can ask how they work in general; I will try to explain. This is simpler, for example, buyers who want to buy things in the supermarket but don't have the time or for some reason they couldn't go there but they can just download or go to our website and order the products, just like ordering a pizza online. Customers can order various products like Coca Cola or other things but only small weighing at least 2 kg. Our drones just take the product, and deliver it from point A to point B.

This is all about deep learning, machine learning, programming. If we manage to create such a system so strong, then with ordinary drones we can expand our services to other states. To conclude, our drones do not promise huge income, for the first time, but they promise low long term income.


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    Rasulbek Zaripov
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    I inspired by McDonald's System and Amazon's Technology
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