Robotic Watering and Sower

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My innovation design for the future is a robotic watering and sower machine. It can operate with renewable energy using solar panel systems, wind turbine, self irrigating system, and composting as fertilizer. Its main purpose is watering and sowing for less strenuous work and for drought control. This can save money and labor cost. It has the capability of plowing ground, seeding, and watering. The robot is operated by a solar panel and a pulley machine and transfer system. Turbines can be added for power backup. Solar panels also can store power and be resold. It is supported by a wire cable or thin metal beam structure that is set across the farm field or gardens supported on standing beams which the height can be adjusted.

The robot has a separate built in compartment from which water, seeds, liquid fertilizer, and fog or is ejected. Water is drawn from irrigation or reservoir system. Seeds can be easily poured into the compartment dispensing it sequentially. Liquid fertilizer made from compost and other organic matter free of insecticides and toxic repellent. Certain soil condition may be necessary for a efficient operation of the robot device. Separate compost device for organic material adding water for quick composting results. Soft brush with static and anti static bristles built together can be added to the robot as an accessory for pollinating vegetables and other plants. It can also brush off some insects. The pollen can be washed off automatically to prevent cross pollinating contamination. Pollen does degrade quickly so the computer will operate on a quicker mode. It also has a thermo device that checks temperature and seasons as well as severe storms for adjusting farming operating system. It knows when it can start pollinating and to pause. The reason for the pollinating brush accessories is because the pollinating bees are in decline and bees are pollinator. This might be the future replacement for bees and other pollinators. Pollen is what fertilizes the plant much more efficiently and cross breeding. The robots ejects system functions separately in a order: Number one plowing, two sowing, three fertilizing liquid, and Four watering.

The system can be operated in any sequence if needed. Fog or Mist are optional but can be used after plant reaches certain stage from seedling. For indoors the whole track system can be installed on ceiling or ground. Solar panel system can still be installed with solar panel outside. The robot operates quietly in a orderly sequence. Can be operated by a remote control panel or handheld device. Computer apps as well with a good firewall or antivirus. Soil sample tester is also integrated into the machine for scooping soil samples And testing it for PH Level and other soil condition. The computer that operates the robotic functions also has a dictionary encyclopedia of different plants, its properties, type of soil condition, sowing depth, plants height, the necessary watering amount, and fertilizer needed.

Here are my illustrations of the robotic sowing and watering system.


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