High Impact Crisis Unit

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High Impact Crisis Unit’s mission is to act in harmony with first responders, meeting the needs of the world’s humanitarian housing crisis. HICU is offering a continuity plan and safe haven for those in need within a distressed community. Giving a sense of Worth and Caring is what makes us human.

The High Impact Crisis Unit (HICU) is a sturdy, adaptive, quickly put together, accessible, and environmentally friendly, easy to clean portable building that can serve any community in a variety of sizes and uses from weather disasters to pandemics to community Mass Information Center that is easy to clean and will require little or no maintenance by way of repair or funding.

  • Sturdy: Materials used to create the unit are Hurricane Category 5 rated.
  • Adaptive: Can be built in a variety of sizes, have bio-containment attributes, easily accommodate electrical and HVAC needs. In tropical and hurricane areas opening panels for ventilation are the most effective. In FEMA replacements, a studio apartment with full size baths, kitchen and disabled accessible.
  • Quick Assembly: 10’x20’ Unit can be ready to use in as little as two hours.
  • Accessible: All units are wheelchair accessible. All functions have been considered for the disabled. We are also working with braille for those with vision problems.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Panels are created from recycled aluminum, plastic and stainless steel.
  • Easy to Clean: Wipe down walls with scrub brush and disinfectant, foggers and ozone generator.
  • Portable: Units can be dropped and assembled on site or built on trailers.


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    Looking around the world, its in turmoil. Millions of people living in tents. We as human beings can do better for our fellow brethren.
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