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Creative Caring is an exchange platform to match medical researchers needs for underfunded and orphan diseases with companies and organizations with untapped resources to achieve key breakthroughs and medical moonshots.

Creative Caring serves as an intermediary organization that connects medical researchers to the equipment, technology and talent they need to progress in underfunded disease research initiatives.

Creative Caring is a paradigm shift in the funding of underfunded and orphan diseases and becomes a novel new method for corporate volunteering and donations.

Medical researchers for underfunded and orphan diseases will now have access to untapped resources. Discovery of underfunded disease treatments and cures may be possible.

Reaction to the Creative Caring concept has been positively received during interviews with medical experts and during GoogleAds testing.

Creative Caring is seeking funding to test pilot the exchange for two underfunded diseases: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and a childhood cancer.

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    Scott Silvenis
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    I am inspired to look for novel ways to solve the problems of those suffering with underfunded and orphan diseases. Underfunding for too many diseases exist. Talent and resources for those diseases are scarce or not even available. Millions are waiting for a disease cure or just symptom relief. Currently, treatments and cures are severely delayed or may never occur.

    Other inspiration comes from trying to find solutions for an aging population or those with disabilities.
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    Not currently. Subsequent funding will allow eMatching capabilities to the Creative Caring website (i.e. medical researchers and resource providers could be automatically matched, similar to a dating website).
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