Smart Saline Monitoring System

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Almost in all hospitals, an assistant/nurse is responsible for monitoring the electrolyte bottle level. Nevertheless, unfortunately, most of the time, the observer may forget to change the bottle at the correct time due to their busy schedule, specifically during this pandemic. Currently, hospitals use simple electrolyte bottles with no indication, and it may create a problem for the patient like the blood starts to flow from the body towards the bottle and also increases the risk of air bubbles entering the patient’s bloodstream, which is a severe threat as air bubbles in the blood cause may lead to death. This system aims to remotely monitor the level of the saline solution in the saline bag/bottle and call the nurse/caretaker whenever the patient needs them. When the saline level is below the threshold level, the system will alert the caretaker/nurse through the central monitor and mobile phone. Hence, it includes a nurse call system to call the caretaker/nurse whenever they need them. Mobile Application is developed and interfaced with Node-MCU to alert the caretaker about the status of the patients.

An innovative assistance system and a mobile application been shown in the Figure. It checks the weight of the saline solution continuously and stores the value of weight. The data of sensed weight is wirelessly transferred to the parameters of the cloud server through the internet. The stored weight value is the input to the mobile application and the central monitor system [Figure] through the internet—the mobile application named Nurse Assistant. The level of the saline done in three colours like Green, Red, and Yellow. Green represents saline is in the safer stage. Yellow represents that the level is in the medium stage. Red represents that the saline bottle must replace or it is in a critical stage. Whenever the patient calls the caretaker, an on-screen notification is sent to the caretaker/nurse mobile phone and indicates in the mobile application, as shown in the Figure. This real-time fetched data of patients makes the caretakers take precautionary measures and take necessary actions at the correct time. In the future, the saline flow in the saline bottle can be controlled remotely from the mobile application and central monitor. The heart pulse of the patient can also monitor along with the level of saline in saline solution.


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    Dr Vimal Kumar M N
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    1. Aakash Ram S
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    Smart Saline Monitoring System along with mobile application mainly based on the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT), involved easing the process involved in the medical field focused on maintaining the saline level in the bottle and knows the personnel there about its real-time status of the level of the fluid in the bottle.
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