Oranta-AO, New Application Blood Pressure Monitor

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Existing electronic pressure meters use pulsation cuff-only to determine pressure and heart rate, and some models offer arrhythmia detection. Our innovation offers additional analysis of the obtained pulsations by adapted methods used in ECG, EEG, Rheography also additionally uses machine learning methods (classification tasks) to identify the risks of disease detection and (regression modeling) to predict the indicators of blood vessels, heart and blood to assess the level of health and adaptive capacity of the body.

ARTERIAL OSCILLOGRAPHY (AO) is - analysis of pulsations during blood pressure measurement.

EXPRESS diagnostics with blood pressure monitoring which allows to investigate:

  • The level of health and adaptive сapabilities of the body
  • Central and peripheral circulation
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Risks of heart, lung, mental and COVID-19 diseases, 85-97% accuracy

All areas of blood pressure monitoring. The innovation provides additional and expanded diagnostics for sports, space and military medicine, daily monitoring, fitness, preventive and functional examinations. Users: patients, nurses, family doctors, cardiologists and other doctors.



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    Dmytro Vakulenko
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    CEO, Researcher, My Idea, developed new methods analyzing pulsation from blood pressure monitor with team researchers and proof it, developed Oranta-AO software with team developer - mobile application, computing kernel and web system.
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    Oranta-AO- consists of three interrelated parts: mobile application - Flutter 2.2.3, computing kernel - Python 3.7 and web system - nodejs 12.16 , mongodb 4.2 , Angular 11 .
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