DrLUX Powerful Thermo-Phototherapy for Healing Purposes

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DrLUX is a hand-held, portable, wound healing device that uses wavelength-specific light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) to accelerate the healing process. Pioneering work conducted by Medical College of Wisconsin shows that bio-stimulation can increase DNA synthesis in fibroblasts and muscles cells, which contributes to fibroblast proliferation and healing process.

A wound is characterized by the interruption on the continuity of body tissue. It can be caused by any type of physical, chemical and mechanical trauma or triggered by a medical condition. Cutaneous wounds are relatively common in adults and their incidence seems to increase in parallel with the advances in life expectancy in the population.

The physical wounding, burning, and inflammation resulting from daily life and medical treatment and even minor cuts and abrasions, from falls or from a variety of reasons, may not heal as readily as possible depending upon individual lifestyle, geographical and housing locations and daily living and working conditions.

While the exact cause for the slow healing in various environment is often easily ascertained, it may not easily be corrected or facilitated.

History has shown that exposure to sunlight and fresh air aid healing. Thus, development of technologies that can accelerate the wound healing utilizing artificial light sources are of increasing interest.

For several years devices have been – and are being – developed to generate wavelength-specific light (invisible, near infrared) to assist in facilitate more rapid wound healing. But several of these methods have not been practical because of their “institutional-instrument nature,” size, cumbersome requirements involved in the use of equipment, electrical power consumption and wall-current connection requirements to operate the equipment and their associated high-cost have prohibited wide-scale testing, evaluation and adaptation of these units.

The objective of this project is not only to develop a “non-institutional” wound healing device that uses wavelength-specific light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) to accelerate the healing process – but one that is small, portable, low-cost, patient-operated and battery-powered.

In essence, DrLUX is intended to be an inexpensive “consumer product” that can safely be used in the home, office, work place, school, or in an industrial, or commercial environment or even while on a space-transport or in a space-station environment, when space travelers require treatment!


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