MOTI – The Future of Physiotherapy

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If you are a patient in physical rehabilitation, the physiotherapist primarily looks at two parameters to assess progress in your physical state; 1) Joint range/angle assessed with either a manual goniometer or eyesight, 2) Movement quality which is only determined by eye and then described with words in the patient record as there has not existed any product for measuring this in physiotherapy until now. The two parameters are impossible to quantify, compare, and visualize, and can therefore fail to motivate the patient. Without motivation, patients are known to skip treatment and miss out on getting better.

With the MOTI measuring device, it is possible for physiotherapists to measure their patient’s development in joint movement and movement quality objectively during the rehabilitation process. MOTI consists of a measuring device containing an IMU-sensor (Inertial Measurement Unit), two mounting solutions; a strap and disposable stickers, and a software application, which processes the sensor data and visualizes the results.

MOTI is hands-free because of its mounting directly on the patient according to the respective joint. This enables a physiotherapist to have full focus on the patient’s movement and assist if necessary. The mounting methods also eliminate the external human errors influencing the methods used today.

The objective results provided by MOTI are linked to the specific patient and their respective joint. The results are automatically compared and visualized in the software application giving the physiotherapist the full overview of the development in the patient’s physical stage. The results can be used to optimize the treatment and to motivate the patient in rehabilitation.

The results in the MOTI software application can all be accessed through the MOTI web-client, where the results can be extracted as pdf and attached directly into the patient’s record so the physiotherapist can save valuable time documenting the process.


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    Marie Madsen
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    Halldóra Auður Jónsdóttir, Industrial Design Engineer
    Thorvaldur Skuli Palsson, Pain Scientist & Physiotherapist
    Steffan Wittrup McPhee Christensen, Pain Scientist & Physiotherapist
    Rogerio Pessoto Hirata, Sports Scientist
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    What inspires me as an Industrial Design Engineer and what has influenced the development of MOTI, is solving problems in a way that takes the whole user scenario into consideration to really make a difference. It is super inspiring and valuable to involve the users continuously in the development process.
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    Autodesk Fusion360
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