The J&R Project, Infectious Agent Disinfection with Nanoplasma

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The J&R Project, Infectious Agent Disinfection with Nanoplasma, is based on 30 years of basic and applied research in electromagnetic bioeffects and pathogenic microbial decontamination. The latter is especially focused on non-destructive decontamination of sensitive equipment in aerospace platforms. This approach was conceptually extended to large area and aerosol detection and rapid biological agent neutralization.

A polymer, called diazoluminomelanin (DALM), chemically, poly-ortho-hydroxy-phenylene, was synthesized chemically and biologically. When activated with low concentration hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate or other sources of soluble carbon dioxide showed broad frequency absorption of microwave and/or radio frequency radiation (MW/RFR), rapidly neutralizing heat resistant bacterial spores at below thermal threshold of kill within a minute of exposure in bulk and within a microsecond pulse on a single spore with short high energy pulses. The electromagnetic activation energy can be applied at levels that minimize collateral damage and health and safety risks. Pulsed direct current voltage or pulsed magnetic field current can also activate the antimicrobial, antiviral effects.. The mechanism of kill involves both classical electromagnetic and quantum effects. In the most recent experiments, the oxidizing solution for activation was replaced with 25nm silver/nickel nanoparticles coated with DALM and a nano layer of bound water and activated by pulsed microwave radiation. It reduced the number of viable spores a million fold within a minute of exposure.

This project seeks to manufacture materials in surface coatings, pipe lining (to kill biofilm) and nano spray forms (for aerosol and surface disinfection), testing other metal nanoparticle combinations (such as iron oxide, or magnetite) activated by commercial high field, low duty factor, low total energy, pulsed MW/RFR devices for surface and air decontamination and disinfection.



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    Johnathan Kiel
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    The need for rapid disinfection for pathogens which can be taken to the field and used under the most limited and adverse conditions, including on airframes and sensitive equipment, and one which is inexpensive and easily mass produced.
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