EnSafe Cup

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This product, EnSafe Cup, is based on the simple concept that since women have menstruation for approximately 65 days in a year and during those days women have to use some product to catch and collect the period fluid.

Then how would it be if we can create a product that can not only be used during menstruation but can also prevent rape.

Therefore, just by using this product during menstruation, it can automatically reduce the chance of a rape by 14%.

This product consists of 2 cups united at their apexes and having a passage formed between them as shown in the illustration. When this product is inserted inside the vaginal canal of a human female in such a way, that the rim of the upper cup will be towards the cervix, and the rim of the lower cup will be towards the opening of the vaginal canal.

Then the upper cup will work as a menstrual cup, since it has a receptacle for holding fluid and it also has a stem device connected to the top of the cup and extending through the open cavity through the bottom of the lower cup. The stem is configured to actuate the side and rim of the upper cup to allow for easier insertion and removal of the cup. And the distal end of stem is also configured with a spike of medical grade plastic, which is surrounded by lower cup and in this way the lower cup can prevent a rape and can provide a chance to the victim to protect herself.

Thus this product can work as a 2-in-1 helping hand for women.



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