Hydro Glove

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Catalyst Engineering Design Services LLC introduces the Hydro glove as an occupation therapy device.  Designed in 1992, I presented the sketch and concept to Dr. Post-then head neurologist at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, Illinois- which he suggested that I had a good concept, and wished me good luck with it.

Once acquired, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be an occupation ending symptom which has been known to progress and last over ones’ remaining lifetime.  This design has the typist and occupations where hand gripping is mostly used to perform the job.  Materials used to construct the Hydro glove will have to be durable, yet, lightweight to provide comfort of wear.

The Hydro glove operates on five basic hydraulics principal components: pump, line, reservoir, valve, and actuator.  According to the illustration(s):

  • Component #1-  the “pump,” which are silicone filled finger pad(s) within the system.
  • Component #2-  “knuckle stabilizer and lines adjuster”.  This component stabilizes the knuckle system of the hand, and is adjustable up and down the hand to make the lines slack or taught along the fingers.
  • Component #3-  the “line(s)” are attached to each finger pad which run from finger pad, through the inline “knuckles stabilizer,” into the reservoir; and from the reservoir to the under-side of the Hydro glove to the Actuator.
  • Component #4-  “valve and connector point.”  Illustration shows at this point, the positive sealed line with the valve component.  Positive seal prevents any breach of silicone from the system maintaining full function of the Hydro glove.
  • Component #5-  the “reservoir” is on the top side of the Hydro glove system.  The reservoir contains a low viscose silicone liquid to its maximum capacity which creates power and consistent massage capabilities through the actuator on the bottom side of the Hydro glove.
  • Component #6-  “thumb loop.”  This component allows for the thumb on the hand to act within a closer tangent with, and provide strength to the hand; as the Hydro glove creates a conformation to the hand so that the system can effectively affect the targeted areas of the “tunnel” at the base of the hand, and tendons in the lower forearm.
  • Component # 7-  opening for inserting the hand and putting on the Hydro glove.
  • Component #8-  “Actuator.”  The actuator is located on the bottom side of the Hydro glove, and covers the carpal tunnel and up the forearm at least four inches.  This is where the most effective operation of the Hydro glove occurs.  As pressure occurs in the system, the actuator forces small metal or plastic bearings against the tunnel and lower forearm tendons creating therapeutic massage.

When pressure is applied to an individual finger pad, activation and function occurs throughout the entire Hydro glove system providing constant therapeutic massage during use. The Hydro glove system could be an important implement to the health and occupation industries. Hydro glove holds a provisional patent submitted by Warren W. Crowell.


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