“Swavalambha” ABS Recycled Plastic Adjustable Prosthetics Finger

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These Prosthetics are designed out of recycled ABS plastic waste.

Three hollow cylindrical segments like human fingers with similar cross section and length connected with hinges and and assembled using a trigger spring mechanics from within the structure. To hold in position there are indentured on the joint, providing a 180 degree mobility to the joint.

Adhesive straps hold the prosthetics in position without irritating the wound site.

It can be adjusted to perform delicate jobs like Holding a pen.

The implementation of the project can provide many wounded who have tragically lost their fingers a little more autonomy.

And using recycled plastic helps reduce plastic waste and also reduces the manufacturing cost till some extent makes it a good substitute for the traditional stiff prosthetics.

ABS in its capacity as an engineering plastic is a very durable building material which an be used in 3D printer to print the entire prosthetic.


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    Shourya Salvi
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    Workers who have lost their fingers on factory accidents and are rendered jobless and dependent on other for small day-to-day activities
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