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Eye drops are liquid drops applied directly to the surface of the eye, particularly the human eye, usually in small amounts such as a single drop or a few drops. Eye drops may also contain one or more medications to treat a wide variety of eye diseases.

There are many kinds of eye drops, and any of them could be a challenge to get into your eye. Especially for young children and older-aged users, who often have other difficulties, hindering their ability to administer the eye drops. These difficulties may include tremors, arthritis, blurred vision, etc.

This project aims to help address these issues using simple product modifications to improve the patient-drug relationship.

The i-Drop is a simple, handy, and compact solution for all, helping administer the medication without any hassle. The Nasal Bridge Support and additional grip provided help in the positioning and dispense of the medication while being comfortable and ergonomic for ambidextrous single-handed use. It’s easy to install and can be stored stably when not in use while avoiding unhygienic situations. Additional Slit provides additional control of pressure to dispense only a single drop at a time, delivering almost the same amount every time.

The material that is proposed for this product is silicone with a matte finish.

The dimensions of the product are 7.8cm x 6cm x 9.6cm.

(All dimensions are derived concerning the “Indian Anthropometric Dimensions for Ergonomic Design Practice” by Devkumar Chakrabarti and “Human Dimension and Interior Space” by Julius Panero)


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