Repairing Damaged Brain Tracts with Noninvasive in-office Combined MRI/Neuromodulation/Drug Delivery Device

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The brain is organized according to tracts, and damage to those tracts has been implicated in almost all neurological and psychiatric diseases. Neuromodulation can be done surgically (with deep brain stimulation) but this is invasive, expensive, and can only be done at one location at a time. Noninvasive neuromodulation is being done with electrical and magnetic fields, but can only be applied to the cortex and without knowledge of the underlying anatomy. The new system we are building includes a built-in MRI and many magnets for neuromodulation which can reach deep into the brain and modulate entire tracts (with real-time monitoring). Animal studies showed that the system can also open the blood-brain barrier for selective drug delivery to specific tracts.

We view this new device as the product of marriage between neuroscience and the needs of future neurologists and psychiatrists. Whether we win this contest or not, we would be glad to hear your comments and welcome your help as we launch this product. Our team has successfully launched FDA-approved medical devices used by millions of people.


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