Old-Age Exercise Chair

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As people get older they tend to become less active and sit front of the TV much of the day. This constant seating without proper exercise eventually leads to weight gain. Doctor’s warnings do not help much. The majority of seniors develop more complicated health issues due to weak muscles and being overweight. Being realistic, the majority of seniors do not exercise. Our invention is to provide a practical solution to this problem. We invented a normal, seating chair that has the following capabilities:

It looks like a dentist chair but uses no electrical equipment. It works strictly based on hydraulic principles which are powered by the person using the chair.

The chair has special components (bars/pipes, tensioners, etc.) which allow you to move your legs, arms & your back
Up & down
Left & right
Knees up/down

It simulates/ mimics cross country skiing, bicycle ridings, boat paddling and more and it is adjustable to fit your strength level.


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    Fevzi Zeren
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    Linda zeren
    Leyla zeren
    Feyzullah zeren
    Fevzi zeren
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    İnventions/innovations Conceptual designs
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    Rare plant collections
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    There is an urgent need to make seniors to exercise while watching tv or seating
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