Visual Weight Tracking System

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According to the World Health Organization, obesity is one of today’s most blatantly visible – yet most neglected – public health problems. An escalating global epidemic of overweight and obesity is taking over the world. In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight, including 650 million who were obese. It’s no wonder that millions of people suffer from an array of serious health disorders. What’s really sad is that obesity is preventable!

Weight management is a critical factor in maintaining one’s health. Unfortunately, with the ready availability of pre-packaged foods and the ever-present distractions from today's technology (i.e., cell phones, tablets, televisions, etc.), it’s not unusual for a person to consume unhealthy food and snacks and in quantities more than they realize. What is sorely needed is a way for a person to track their consumption of food and the impact that consumption has on their weight on a real-time basis. And, they need a tracking system that fits into their high-tech lifestyle, or they won’t use it. It also needs to provide real-time feedback so adjustments can be made before bad habits are formed.

The subject invention is a real-time weight and food tracking system that accomplishes all of the above needs.

The tracking system has sensors positioned under the user's feet that are configured to determine the weight of the user on a real-time basis. The sensors can be mounted in the sole of each shoe to determine a user's total weight. Alternatively, the sensors can be mounted in an insole or between an insert and the bottom of the shoe. The sensors measure the force applied by the user's foot to the ground. The sensor apparatus may be equipped with circuitry or software to determine conditions in which the user is standing in one place to determine the user’s weight more accurately. The sensors communicate electronically with an application in a computing device such as, but not limited to, a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. The application is configured to track the user's weight over a period of time in real-time.

The tracking system also enables a user to track their consumption of food through the use of a second sensor mounted near the hand they use to eat. Items such as a watch, bracelet, ring or eating utensil can contain the sensor. This sensor communicates with the application in the computing device to keep track of the frequency with which the user moves their eating hand from a source of food to the user's mouth, thereby tracking the user's eating habits, again in real-time.

The application is configured to provide real-time feedback to the user so the user can improve their behavior with regard to weight and eating habits. The system helps motivate the user to change bad behaviors and continue good behaviors to achieve their health goals.

The tracking system is designed to be effective in reducing the global weight crisis and save lives - - one person at a time.


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