A Warp Drive Motor

This is an update on the 2021 entry having the following features:

1) Sliding surface A of incline plane has part a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 with series of v shaped tracts as in figure 1. Support for incline plane (SIP) from 35°inclination onwards tends to be lifted more distance upwards then sideways progressively and adjustment is done by varying the slope, angulation and number of double cone pulley that tends to fall over a greater distance downwards then sidewards and tending to slide down an increased length of the modified incline plane as in figure 1. Weight of persons in CFP on x1 and x2 as in figure 2 to prevent imbalance on movement of the persons is transmitted by FP2 and FP3 to corresponding machine unit and between machine units on separate compartments (SCMU) in a straight line using rolling friction with wheels on interconnecting parts and also using springs SPM, SMO1, SMO2 as in figure 2 for better load bearing allowing increased number of interconnecting machine units such that as motor GM1 and GM2 turns incline plane I1 and I2 approach each other in the middle with the incline surface at 45° with respect to the direction of force transmission at adjusted speed turning on SIP1 and SIP2 and persons in CFP feel like falling in the same relative space for an increased duration of time without feeling recoil from the supporting surface with increased energy of action perpendicular to the plane surface

2) Efficiency of the elastic recoil force is improved by use of spring TSP2 workable over an increased distance as in figure 1 and 2 between clip k1 and k 2.

3) Active balance mechanism to initiate rotary motion of horizontal part of mounting frame is made simple and efficient by force transmission and mechanical advantage of modified hydraulic pistons.

4) Propellar of helicopter is fixed by axle AXL2 at the lower part of CL only on the two sides such that any tilting or imbalance due to wind or other external imbalanced forces tends to be directed straight at support for axis of rotation on the modified gyroscope frame.

5) Support for cabin for passengers (CFP), machine units on SP with plurarity of double cone wheels that tend to slide on respective inclined v shaped tract that progressively increases the centripetal force balancing the centrifugal force with increase speed of the merry go round in rotary motion as in figure 3.

6) Special seat for passengers (SSFP) in CFP resting on plurality of double cone wheels that tends to slide forward in the direction of motion on inclined v shaped tracts and supported on plates PFP parallel to the direction of gravity for ageing in reverse direction relative to the rest frame of reference and at the same time increasing the efficiency of the merry go round motion.


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    Gautam Narayan Baruah
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