SF2E -Sustainable Forest to Energy

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Energy production, bio-oil and electricity, from biomass out of sustainable forest. Fossil fuels substitution by bio-oil refining to bio-diesel.

This project SF2E is aligned with the Global Decarbonization Commitment by Biomass Pyrolysis, promoting:

  • Sustainable Forest Management;
  • Forest Fires Mitigation;
  • Green Electricity Production;
  • Fossil Fuels Substitution by Bio-oil Production;
  • Reutilization of Char as Fertilizer;
  • Innovative Process with CO2 Neutrality;

The plant location should be in a forest area.

The biomass will be collected in the plant surroundings, within a 70Km distance for better energy balance, and stored at the biomass yard by size, quality, and moisture content. Here it will be reduced in size, up to 10mm, by chippers/crushers/grinders/hammermills.

These particles (chips) will be feed to the dryer (to be dried up to 10% moisture) and pyrolysis unit.

This innovative process consists of the combustion in the absence of oxygen added, at 400-5000C, and produces bio-oil, electricity and char.

Bio-oil will be stored in appropriated tanks and used to refined bio-diesel and/or for heating boilers.

Electricity will supply the plant and the national grid - REN.

Char will be sold as natural fertilizer packed and/or in bulk.


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