Titan Textile Gear

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Planet Saturn has 82 moons. Titan in the Saturnian cluster of moons is perhaps the most intriguing of all. It has an Earth-like golden hazy atmosphere and a very low gravity [1.35 m/s*s]. Although temperature fluctuates in the subfreezing domain with a total lack of breathable oxygen it is not very hostile in relation to other heavenly bodies. The most intriguing aspect of the moon Titan is that instead of walking one could glide in its atmosphere for miles thanks to its low gravity. Of course an accidental fall would be perilous. Titan textile gear [Patent Pending*] is a thin extremely low weight wearable suit with its own thermal cell and an oxygenated surface texture.

A Titan inhabitant can strap herself to such gears and glide for hours on the most majestic and breathtaking landscape of the moon.

Design Philosophy:
Textile fabric consists of nano materials and is layered with composite polymers.

The excellent shock-absorbing performance of WS2 and MoS2 nanoparticles with inorganic fullerene-like structures (IFs) under very high shock wave pressures of 25 GPa is described. The combined techniques of X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, thermal analysis, and transmission electron microscopy have been used to evaluate the diverse, intriguing features of shock recovered IFs, of interest for their tribological applications, thereby allowing improved understanding of their antishock behavior and structure-property relationships. Two possible failure mechanisms are proposed and discussed. The supershock-absorbing ability of the IF-WS2 enables them to survive pressures up to 25 GPa accompanied with concurrent temperatures of up to 1000 degrees C without any significant structural degradation or phase change making them probably the strongest cage molecules now known.

Structures under Shock Wave Pressure
December 2005Journal of the American Chemical Society 127(46):16263-72

The gear under consideration is an encapsulating attire with its own power profile matrix in the form of oxygenation and thermal generation. However in par with the ongoing discussion a glider should have the capability to land on the surface with relative ease. Therefore shock absorption and gravity induced impact mitigation are of paramount concern for this suit.

Research shows that the most important characteristic of nanoparticles is friction devoid of gravitational influences. Mechanical nano springs cushion a free fall with nano materials being the most ubiquitous filler compounds in polymers.


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