Self Running Air Mining and Purification Device

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The air mining and purification device consists in a tower (like an electric tower) that has a turbo fan that is moved by the wind. When this happens there are fan blades that will suck air into the tower and into an air filter that will clean the air from any contaminants, such as carbons and viruses. The air will come out clean from air vents on the bottom of the tower. Some of the clean air goes into a atmospheric water generator to produce clean water.

The fan blades (or any other way to suck air) will be attached to a motor/generator and when the blades spin it will charge a battery that sits inside the tower. The outside of the tower will be covered with solar panels which also will be charging the same battery, with the power saved in the battery used to power the water generator. It can also be used to power lights or other things.

When the filters are full they can be cleaned from all carbons and this can be made into raw materials to produce fibers, and even low grade diamonds that can be used for tools.

This device doesn’t need any power to work because it uses the wind and sun to clean air and to produce its own energy therefore it will be mining the air. This tower can be made to any size. Small enough to fit in people's back yards so anybody can have access to clear air and water. I think that if we put towers like this all over the world we can also slow global warming.


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