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E-Code is an original smart irrigation system that uses an amalgamation of technology in order to save water. In short, E-Code works to optimize water usage while minimizing consumer costs! All the user needs to do through the app is insert the provided underground humidity sensor into their plant of choice and input a few simple details (such as their location and plant type). From there, the app will take over and use information including the weather forecast APIs and information from a global plant database to determine whether the plants/land should be irrigated.

Compared to current time-based irrigation systems, E-code allows homeowners and farmers to sustainably save up to 25% on water bills and 4.5-13.5 billion liters of water daily. Furthermore, E-Code is completely unique compared to other irrigation systems in the market and is in the process of being patented.

Currently, E-Code is in the prototyping phase and plans to launch within the next year. With a price of $150, E-Code will make a net profit of $100/unit, even after customer acquisition and R&D costs. The two largest customer segments are homeowners and farmers, and they will be able to purchase kits which each consist of two sensors and access to the mobile/web app.



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    Khushi Shah
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    Ever since a family trip to India in seventh grade, I have been committed to developing new technologies that allow people all over the world to access one of their basic rights – clean drinking water. After hearing about people not being able to have this basic right but observing my community as they took water for granted, I decided to be the change.
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