Thermal Regulating Paint

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The team at EnKoat have created thermal regulating paint to improve the energy efficiency and thermal resilience of both residential and commercial buildings. By integrating our patent-pending adaptive materials technology into waterborne acrylic paint, these novel paints have the added functionality of reducing the amount of radiant and conductive heat that enters a building through the envelope (i.e., roof, walls). Acting as a barrier between the external ambient environment and internal conditioned space, our paints have been designed and optimized to maximize the thermal performance for climate specific applications.

Our paints are applied using traditional application methods (i.e., brush, roller, spray) and are easily manufactured at commercial scale at a competitive price point to other premium acrylic paints currently available in the market. We have validated the thermal performance and temperature reduction of these paints at both lab- and field- scale.

Residential and commercial buildings account for more than 40% of all U.S. energy consumption and significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We believe the cleanest form of energy is one you don't have to create. By reducing the amount of mechanical cooling and heating (non-renewable energy resources) required to condition a building, our adaptive materials technology is helping building owners reduce operating expenses and decarbonizing buildings for a sustainable future.


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