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All Alchemist784™ technologies systems employed within EARTHGRID™ are closed-loop 'cradle2cradle' configurations by intentional design to create sustainability and increase and maximize opportunities for re-harvest/re-use of the waste energies within the processes. Functionality involves use of several complex sciences orchestrated through our proprietary algorithms. We start with the collection of Solar Electric Energy using a very small dedicated surface positioned optimally for maximum efficiencies, using a building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) roof (installed with a single set of building material), the structural roof and Using A SINGLE MATERIAL SOLID SURFACE SOLAR SURFACE SHINGLE TO energy generating modules to POWER high efficiency STANDBY ‘JUMP-START’ electrical power USING WAVE ABSORPTION, REFLECTIONS, REFRACTIONS, AND ECHOES TO create usable electrical current storage IN deep cycle batteries installedWITHin our PROPRIETARY Liquid MEC \cooling chamber, Awaiting demand for use to jumpstart our other proprietary processes. This jumpstart begins with a low RPM 3 kW permanent magnet low resistance continuous-run Motor MAGNETIC AND and thermal transfer PROCESSES FOR ENERGY MAGNIFICATION, GENERATION, and regulating transfer control in real time use availability.

Our Liquid MEC cooling chamber a three step three phase proprietary process which uses our patent pending GEN3 thermal cube processes to release thermal energy from ice (Thermal Wave and phase Change) in a calculated orderly manner to combine with warmer heat waste fluids to create our designated optimal bath temperature for electronic immersion cooling. This process and it's ultimate temperature allows for the electronics waste heat to easily be boiled off into gas (phase change) which is then re-condensed back to immersion fluid in the chamber, aided by gravity. Waste heat is then transferred out of the chamber via our patent pending piping configuration (controlled Thermal Wave Fluidics), allowing the excess energy to be reabsorbed recycled and re-translated back into other usable forms of power produced within our processes .(ThermalWATTs™TEG Patent 8,227,682(shown below) and others Pending). By short cycling the resulting energies from our processes’ wastes into (geothermal energy harvest for HVAC productions, coupled with magnified energy resulting from the coreless permanent magnet generation (physics) electrical production, We create reliable extraordinary output energy density results for independent, stand-alone use ANYTIME OR ANYWHERE required.

An example of one of our tech in action is -ThermalWATTS™ TEG small desktop demonstrator device producing ±7 volts electrical current from coffee and ice water ( thermal energy) video viewable at:


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